Photo montages are a great way to combine a range of your photos into one piece of artwork.
Send your favourite photos to be designed into an image which I can either send back to you as a digital file, or as a printed image with or without a frame of your choice. Prices vary based on complexity and services required.

Montage - Voronoi Steve Collage - Steve Montage - Random 1 Montage - Heart Collage Montage - Border Collage
Montage - Antique Frames Montage - Chris Montage - Flower Faces Montage - Random 2
Montage - Random Sections Montage - Carol Montage - Jelly the Dog Montage - Telephone Box Montage - Liz

Here are just a few of the themes that your montage might be based on:

Friends, Family and Loved ones

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations

Holidays and Special Occasions

Hobbies or Interests

Pets and other Animals

A Memorial

Random or themed images


Requesting your Montage

Use the Contact Form to place an order and discuss any additional requirements. Please give as much information as possible on what you'd like. I'll try my best to meet your needs.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can, within 24 hours.

PhotosProviding your photos

I can accept your photos whether they're prints or digital files. Please carefully check the Providing Your Images page.

USB Stick

Completing your request

When I've received your photos I'll start work on your montage straight away. When it's ready you'll receive a low resolution file as a jpg or Acrobat PDF of the finished montage for your approval. If you need any changes, I'll be happy to make them.

Completion times can vary but I aim for no more than 14 days.

External Hard Drive

Free CD or DVD Artwork

All finished artwork is also provided on a CD or DVD with any images you may have supplied at no extra cost. With this you can share and distribute digital versions of your montage with family and friends. You'll also easily be able to arrange to have your finished artwork printed again in the future.

Extra discs or USB sticks can be provided for a small additional fee.


Delivering your Print

Your print is delivered either personally or via Royal mail, depending on distance from my location in Leeds.

I don't presently offer any framing options.


PostboxReturning your Scans and Photos

When everything's been done, I'll create a CD, DVD or memory stick with all of your images and any other artwork and return them (along with your original printed photos or items if applicable).

Unless you're collecting everything or I'm personally delivering them, I'll securely package your items and return them to you by recorded delivery.

Basic prices

Basic costs include design work including minor corrections, your print, a CD and personal delivery within the Leeds area when you provide images digitally.

Photos in Montage Cost
10-30 £50
31-70 £70
71-100 £85

Additional Costs

Some products and services incur additional costs and will be added to the basic price.

Service or Product Cost
Returning scanned photos by post The same as it cost to send them to me
Sending final print by first class post £5.70 or less
Photos to be scanned 16p each
USB memory sticks (instead of a disc) £5
Extensive or multiple photo corrections Dependant on quantity and type
Print sizes over 406mm x 610mm (16"x 24") £11


Providing Photos

You can provide printed photographs, digital photographs, or a combination of both.

Providing Digital Photos

If your photos are digital (not printed) I accept:
USB Stick

USB Sticks

You can post or personally deliver these.

External Hard Drive

External hard drives (USB)

Only suitable for delivery in person. If using this method, I'll copy the necessary files and you can take the hard drive back with you.

Memory Cards

Memory cards

You can post or personally deliver these.

I accept the following card types: SD/MMC/Mini SD/Micro SD/CF/MD/SM/SMC/MS/MS PRO


Email attachments

Most email services have a limit as to how much you can send on one email, so I recommend that you don't send more than 5MB at a time. If you have lots of photos, internet based strorage may be a better option.

Internet based storage

Internet based storage

You can use a free photo or data hosting site such as Instagram, OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive. Just let me know which photos and where.

Facebook pages or other personal websites

Although I can occasionally use these, please note that any photos taken from websites such as Facebook will be of a much lower resolution compared to your original photos and may affect the quality of your final montage.

Providing Printed Photos

Guidelines for sending your printed photographs. 

  • I can accept photograph sizes up to A4.
  • As much as possible, make sure your photos are clean and free from dust, hairs, blue tack, adhesives etc as they will show up on the scanned images. Don't worry too much if your photos do have any of these though because I can often help clear them up.
  • If your photos come in packs or have different subjects or themes and you'd like them in separate named folders, please put a label on them so I can arrange this for you.
  • Place your photos in the order you'd like them to be scanned.
  • If using rubber bands please make sure they do not cause the photos to bend.
  • Place your photos in the order you'd like them to be scanned.
  • Carefully pack your photos in a suitable packet or box. If using a box, please fill any remaining space with bubble wrap, scrunched paper or something similar to reduce movement and reduce the chances of damaging your photographs.
  • Please try to avoid sending photographs in bags, frames or other formats that could be easily damaged.
  • If posting, I recommend using the Royal Mail's Special Delivery service.
  • Don't send photographs that you don't have copyright or permission for.