If you don't have a scanner or if scanning lots of photos yourself seems too daunting, just send your photos to be converted into digital files. I'll then scan and return your photos along with your scanned images on a CD, DVD or USB Stick.


When you've had your printed photos scanned you can put your originals somewhere safe and out of the way.


Your digitised photos will be:

  • easy to find
  • easy to view
  • easy to share
  • highly portable
  • protected from physical damage.

Size and Resolution

Your photos will be scanned at 600dpi (dpi = dots per inch).

Scanning is also available for low quantities at 1200 dpi, but this is usually only required where original images are very small, highly detailed and in focus, or for slides and negatives. In most cases you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but if your photos are quite small, scanning at 1200dpi will allow the capture of finer detail. This is especially useful if your original photo is very small or if you need to print your photos at a larger size. It's also useful if you want to crop your original photo and zoom into part of the image.

At no extra cost I'll also provide reduced resolution versions of 300dpi and 72dpi for all your photos. 300dpi is about the same quality you'd find in a glossy magazine. 72dpi is the same resolution as most monitor screens.

Please note that this scanning service is mainly for printed photos. Scanning of transparent media (slides or negatives)scanning is also possible, but transparent media larger than standard 35mm film has to be scanned in sections. Due to the various scanning passes and compositing work required this can produce variable results and takes much longer to complete. Non-standard slides and negatives will incur a higher than standard charge.


Arranging to have your photos scanned

Use the Contact Form to place an order and discuss any additional requirements. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, within 24 hours.

PhotosProviding your photos

I can accept your photos whether they're loose or in albums. Please carefully check the Providing Your Images page for further details on securing your photos before getting them to me.

USB StickCompleting your request

If you've posted your photos, I'll email you to let you know I've received them. I'll then scan your photos into JPEG files by hand. If you've requested a montage, restoration or any other manipulation, I'll start work on those jobs straight away.

Completion times can vary but I aim for no more than 14 days.

External Hard Drive


Your finished scans are provided on a CD or DVD depending on the amount of data your photos take up

Extra discs or USB sticks can be provided for a small additional fee.

PostboxReturning your Scans and Photos

When everything's been done, I'll create a CD, DVD or memory stick with all of your scanned JPEG images (and any other artwork) and return them with your original printed photos.

Unless you're collecting everything or I'm personally delivering them, I'll securely package your photos and return them to you by recorded delivery.



Quantity Cost per Scan
1-499 16p each
500-999 15p each
1000+ 14p each

A minimum scanning charge of £5 is in place.

CDs and DVDs are included in the price. USB memory sticks are £5.